Emirates Palace: And Why It’s Worth 3 Billion USD

A visit to UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, won’t be complete without visiting its iconic structure, the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel. Opened in 2005 after more than three years of construction, welcome to the second most expensive hotel built in the world.


3 Billion US Dollars! Can you imagine how many pizza and fries you can buy with that? Kidding aside, (actually a part of me isn’t kidding.. Imagine?!) this hotel is so splendid, people give it a 7-star hotel rate even though the 7-star hotel classification doesn’t really exist. I can’t blame them. This place is intensely marvelous, it deserves to be rated as one.


Unlike Burj Al Arab in Dubai which people consider as a 7-Star hotel, too, Emirates Palace is open to visitors for free. Though I have read that some weren’t allowed to go inside because they were wearing shorts (for men) and slippers. So to give you a tip (because I wasn’t prepared for this trip and I want you to be): wear something worth that 3 billion USD!

I’m not saying that you wear something expensive because even the most expensive can look cheap if the beholder isn’t confident wearing it; we can go with something classy and fancy-looking, then be confidently beautiful with a heart! Let us make ourselves feel like Don’s and Donya’s for a day!


Visitors are still allowed to go inside the hotel but in limited places only. Although limited, you will still feel how lavish the ambiance in here is. Gold and silver everywhere! Take a look at their beautiful 240 ft tall atrium above. Sobrang ganda!

To be honest, I didn’t really felt Christmas last year and one of the reasons might be because of the lack of Christmas vibes in the country. Iba pa rin kasi talaga ang Pasko sa Pinas. So being in this palace on the Holidays really lift my spirits up. You will be welcomed by super festive decorations once you enter the lobby and everything just fits perfectly.


Emirates Palace also offers more than 10 restaurants and I heard that they even put real gold on your food or coffee. Woah, I know. But what amazes me more is that they have Gold ATM Machine!! Sarap maging rich, pa-withdraw withdraw ka nalang ng gold!


Photo not mine

FotoJet Collage.jpg

Bongga, diba? And to make this more bongga, I am ending this post with some of my photos that I want to share with you.


I wonder what it feels like to stay here even for just a night. Would they treat you like a Princess? Are their services worth 7-Star, too, that you’d feel like you’re a Queen?


Again, I am sorry for not being active on this blog lately. Aside from being on a vacation with my family, the last few months of 2016 was just really stressful for me and I didn’t want to post anything just for the sake that I’m “blogging.” I don’t want to backread my blog few months from now and notice how forced my words are. It’s not what I want. Don’t worry, I’ll try to make a different post about it some other time, if I can.


Anyway, how are you? Kwentuhan mo naman ako how your holidays went. Makikinig ako. :)

Love, Amielle

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