LA Vlogs: First Date in Abu Dhabi

A little backstory:

My partner, Wel, and I are currently both based in United Arab Emirates since the first quarter of the year. But even if we’re both living in the same island, walking under that scorching 40 to 50+ degree-celsius heat and breathing the same humid air everyday, we are still a few hours away from each other. And by a few hours, I meant 4-7 hours depending on traffic and transport schedules. The fastest would be three hours, approximately, and that is by using a private transport a.k.a. a car; specific meaning, my dad driving me there.

Geographically, United Arab Emirates has seven emirates:


I am based in Abu Dhabi while he is in Fujairah because that is where his job is.

I’ve been to his place thrice – the first one was last May when my dad and I brought him his things from the PH; second one was May, as well, for he was in the hospital for three days. Super not on plan because he was supposed to be the one who’s coming here. He was sent to the hospital and was immediately rushed to the operating room that night and that was two days before we meet. I stayed with him for two weeks. #GfDuties Hahaha charot. The third time was last June – this time, it was for a job interview (that I got accepted but declined – will blog about it soon) and I was with him for three days.

So for July, it’s now his turn to come visit me and explore the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi!

Joke, we didn’t explore. We only had twelve hours to spend.

He only had two days off so what we did to make the most out of it was ate at our favorite Filipino fast food chains that he’s missed (including our favorite: Jollibee) since they don’t have branches yet in Fujairah; reward ourselves – lalo na siya – for working extra hard overseas; met with his Ninong (godfather), had dinner with him, and stayed at his place for an hour before watching Spiderman – it was another first for us! first movie together abroad – then went home after.

He also gave his birthday gift for me that night – it was Pandora – and told me that he had second thoughts on buying it ’cause he knew I’d get mad and just tell him that he should’ve spent it on more important things. He was right, though. That’s what I told him when I saw his gift. The only difference between this expectation vs reality thing is that I didn’t get mad. Hahahaha

I told him he didn’t need to buy it for me but his answer was “he just wanted to” and that was enough for me to shut up and get kilig nalang after. (Yeees ang conyo feeling 500 ang baon per day.)

We just had lunch before he went back to Fujairah the following day; and that was it. :)

The whole time with him was one of the best half days of my life. We obviously lack time but we were both genuinely happy. Grabe, even if we’ve been together for almost three years, I’m still so excited to experience more firsts with this man.

♡ ♡ ♡

Sharing with you some of the highlights of our date last Monday; same with the song I’ve been super LSS for days, too!

Two less lonely people in the world and it’s gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world, I just can’t believe you’re mine
In my life where everything was wrong, something finally went right
Now there’s two less lonely people in the world tonight

two less lonely people in the world
(click the link for kz’s beautiful cover!)

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead and I hope you all feel loved because you deserve it! Take care!

Love, Amielle

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